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The Roga mussel washers are made entirely of stainless steel and are equipped with a micro safety device on the door and lid, as well as a mushroom-shaped emergency stop button with lock.
The total opening favors a rapid filling of the tank, while a removable impeller allows a better cleaning of the machine. The top cover is made of transparent glass to check the working status and the push-button panel is low voltage electric, with automatic unloading device. The feet of the machine are designed for fixing to the floor, with plate with brushes and side band in silicon carbide. The speed reducer with tracking belt transmission (multigrip) allows silent, safe, easy-to-adjust processing, with a 60 mm diameter water drain.
There are two particular versions: with or without digital push button box, always in compliance with CE safety standards.
The rotation of these machines is less than 20% compared to the potato peeler and the removable plates have bristles to respect the product being processed as much as possible and prevent the mussels from breaking.

Construction in AISI 304 stainless steel.

CE version with:

• Belt transmission system

• Ventilated motors for continuous use

• Removable plate with brushes

• Abrasive wall easily replaceable by the operator

• Automatic potato unloading system

• Stainless steel feet that can be fixed to the floor

• Microswitch on lid
• Microswitch on the unloading door
• Digital control box or, at your choice, controls on the machine

Optional: filter support

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