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Experience and expertise for over 60 years

The Roga company in Cadriano, in the province of Bologna, was founded in 1960 and is one of the first Italian companies to be involved in the production, marketing and assistance of electrical machines for the food industry. Among these: dough sheeters (for all types of dough such as egg pasta, pizza and sugar paste) and peelers (potato peeler, onion peeler and mussel washer). Each Roga machine is designed and built by hand on the basis of precise and detailed projects and with completely Made in Italy materials : each component chosen by Roga is of proven solidity, so that each final product fully complies with current CE regulations.


Roga machines are able to last for a long time as they are entirely built with resistant materials and produced in Italy: for this reason the company is able to offer a one-year warranty on each machinery purchased. Roga is the only company that produces dough sheeters with wooden rollers, in addition to those in stainless steel, which give the dough the same porosity obtained with the rolling pin. The company employs highly specialized personnel, from the team of workers to the internal designer, all guarantee of an operational seriousness that is reflected in the solidity and excellent workmanship of the products offered.

Finally, Roga specializes in the sale of spare parts and is able to provide personalized assistance based on the needs of the individual customer. The Bolognese company also supplies companies abroad and is able to offer both sales and after-sales services, such as spare parts and repairs for every type of need and through a guaranteed and completely customized shipping service, with the certainty of receiving the purchased materials within a few days from the date of the purchase order.

Highly specialized staff

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